Jill Abanico

Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker

Hello there and welcome!

My name is Jill, I’m a wedding photographer and filmmaker and I dedicated myself to create beautiful honest pictures from your personal love story.

For me personally photography and filmmaking is more than painting with light or capturing an image in motion, it is my favorite way of telling and preserving a story. Whether it’s the emotional occasions during your wedding day or the time where you enjoy your intimate togetherness during a portrait session, these are the moments which tell who you and your loved ones truly are. Therefore my style of capturing pictures is the way of doing it naturally: I let moments happen and know exactly when to catch them, rather than forcing feelings to be expressed in a particular way. That means I won’t tell you to look into my camera if you don’t feel like it, because I want the reason to smile to be the true emotion you feel at that moment and not because of the camera I’m pointing at you. Now and then I will of course help you to bring out the best of yourself.

My priority at each wedding is to preserve the moments for you in a creative way so that you can enjoy this memorable time over and over again.